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Digital Storytelling with Photostory 3
“A picture paints 1000 words”, so how many million words would a video, combined with sound, transitions, voiceovers and text paint???? Perhaps I could pose that question of my students. Speaking of which, one of the most used and popular software programs on our school system after MS Word and MS Powerpoint, is MS Photostory which is a free download for legal owners of Windows XP. http://www.updateexp.com/photostory3) This amazing program allows a professional finish to video and multimedia production, with a minimum of effort. Students will always choose this software if they need to complete a digital story in a short amount of time. Some of the best stories come form students who have poorer literacy skills.
Students can tell their stories digitally by inserting still images, text, voice and background music. Open photostory 3, choose begin a new story >next>import pictures. Up to 300 pictures can be imported. (Personally, I recommend resizing the photos if they are large and of type bmp to keep the completed product to a manageable size.)
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embedding teachertube videos works great, but have to go into code section, can't use anarchy, and can ONLY embed from specific teachertube edublog code, never YouTube or regular html code
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