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About this wiki..

This wiki features a collection of resources that
  • are useful web2.0 tools for classroom use
  • are of interest for the effective use of web2.0 tools in the classroom
Many have been recommended by my personal learning network and as soon as they have been sourced from eg twitter, are added to this wiki.

How this wiki started......
Our grade 6 students were involved in a rich picture case studies grant with the Victorian Department of Education.
Project: To develop podcasts that may be of use to the Volcano Discovery Centre in Penshurst and our local tourism generally. These podcasts would be made complete with images, so that other school groups, tourists, backpackers and community members might be able to use them, view them online or download them onto their video iPods. This would encourage tourists and visitors to come to Penshurst, a small township at the base of Mt Rouse and surrounding volcanic areas. Year 10 students have then worked on a similar project for the existing history trail in Hawkesdale. It would allow familiarisation for school groups before coming to Penshurst or afterwards for research and topic discussion and generation.
Projects have tested the notion that learning connects strongly with communities and practice beyond the classroom and the completion of our project has certainly confirmed that.The projects have generated much interest amongst staff, students and parents who have come on board with history, photos, reflections and other advice. The world has come into our classroom as a result of our use of web2.0 and students are learning in real time, often from people who live elsewhere and in other countries via wikis, blogs, skype etc. Allow us to share our ejourney and would you share yours, with us!!!!

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ejourneys with technokids